Introduction to Linux

What is Operating System?

Operating system is an interface between user and the computer hardware. The hardware of the computer cannot understand the human readable language as it works on binaries i.e. 0’s and 1’s. also, it is very tough for humans to understand the binary language, in such case we need an interface which can translate human language to hardware and vice-versa for effective communication.

Types of Operating System:

  • Single User – Single Tasking Operating System
  • Single User – Multitasking Operating System
  • Multi User – Multitasking Operating System

Single User – Single Tasking Operating System

In this type of operating system only one user can log into system and can perform only one task at a time.
E.g.: MS-DOS

Single User – Multi tasking operating System

This type of O/S supports only one user to log into the system but a user can perform multiple tasks at a time, browsing internet while playing songs etc.
E.g.: Windows -98, Xp, vista, etc.

Multi User – Multi Tasking Operating System

These types of O/S provide multiple users to log into the system and also each user can perform various tasks at a time. In a broader term multiple user can logged in to system and share the resources of the system at the same time.
E.g.: UNIX, LINUX, Windows Server etc.

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