How to install: Centos 7 / RHEL 7

  1. At that point place the DVD/USB in your appropriate system drive, start your PC, select bootable unit and on the first RHEL brief select Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0

2. After the system loads, select the language for installation process and hit on Continue.

3. The next important step is to select your system software. Click on Software Selection and choose your Base Installation Environment from the down-list.

4. in base environment Hit server with GUI, after Add-Ons for selected environment Checkmark to all and Hit Done

5. The next important step is to configure your system partitions. Click on Installation Destination, select Standard Partitions as partition scheme for better management over system space, then hit on I will configure partitioning.

6. As the base scheme for a server, you should use dedicated partitions such as:

  • /boot – 512 MB
  • / – 8 GB
  • /home –2GB
  • /var – 10 GB
  • /usr – 10 GB
  • swap- twice the RAM

7. The last step before continuing with installation process is setting your Network Connection. Click on Network & Hostname and setup your system hostname.

8. After finishing editing Ethernet Interface settings hit on Done which you bring you to default window installer and after you check on your installation settings hit on Begin Installation to proceed further with system installation.

9.  As the installation begins writing the system components on your hard-disk, you need to supply your Root Password and create a new User. and hit in Done when you finish.

9. After the installation finishes the installer will announce that everything completed with success so you should be ready to use your system after reboot.

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